Our Five Aims

At least one party that is dependent on the people alone and owes its allegiance to the citizenry as a whole instead of taking its cues from a privileged few.

An actual democracy, one producing authentic representation for all and a government working for all of us, in place of today’s corrupt political system. Achieving this aim depends on ending the legal bribery of elected officials.

One economy benefiting us all, with a free and fair market for everyone, not crony capitalism for a favored few. Achieving this aim requires:

  • Ending corporate welfare, including government subsidies to global conglomerates and other politically privileged producers and commercial enterprises as well as preferential tax treatment advantaging multinational corporations over small businesses.
  • Reinvigorated enforcement of antitrust laws and consumer protections, restoration of laws limiting securities activities by commercial banks and affiliations between securities firms and commercial banks, and establishment of new protections against monopolistic and predatory business practices.
  • Closing the digital divide and bringing high-speed Internet access to every nook and cranny of the country through targeted investments in broadband and other telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Grow-your-own policies encouraging local food production and community-supported agriculture, developing renewable energy, and empowering small enterprise development and local entrepreneurs and cooperatives.
  • Protecting all workers in every sector of the economy with overhauled labor laws and preventing erosion of the buying power of wages with automatic annual adjustments in the minimum wage.

One tax system for all instead of tax rules enabling those who are well connected politically to avoid paying their fair share. Achieving this aim involves systematically identifying and closing loopholes, tax shelters and other features of the tax code that facilitate tax avoidance. Also required is a commitment to taxation based on ability to pay and elimination of current policies that doom low- and middle-income individuals to pay a larger share of their incomes in total state and local taxes than high-income taxpayers.

A pathway to the American Dream for our kids and grandkids, made possible by one school system for all providing equal access to educational opportunity and employment training, and more specifically:

  • A commitment to extending the promise of free public education through college and making high-quality early childhood education available to all families.
  • Investing in success instead of paying for failure, through a reordering of educational and criminal justice priorities resulting in our society devoting more resources to schooling and less to imprisonment and rehabilitation.
  • A top-to-bottom overhaul of the system of financing primary and secondary schools addressing funding disparities and ensuring that all schools have the resources to fully meet the needs of their students while ending the failed use of public tax dollars to pay for a few students to attend private or religious schools.