June 25, 2020


How to Tell if Your Kid Doesn’t Enjoy School

When we were in elementary school, we also had moments when we couldn’t stand being in school, so we must not be surprised if our own kids currently feel the same way. Their dislike for school stems from a variety of reasons, so we shouldn’t be quick to judge that they’re just being lazy. Even

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robot with face

Will Robots Replace Human Labor? Not Necessarily, and Here’s Why

There have been a lot of people lately believing that in a matter of years, most jobs will be obsolete as robots, AI, and technology will become so advanced that many blue and white-collared jobs will eventually be replaced for companies to reduce their costs. After all, robots can work around the clock without getting

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divorced couple

How to File for a Divorce During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people’s lives in ways no one ever thought possible. What started as a threat to people’s health has become a much bigger issue. Students have to adjust to Zoom classes; some previously-employed individuals have been laid off while others have to work from home. Another aspect of people’s lives affected

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The Best Areas for Investment in Technology

The technology sector is an incredibly dynamic business that’s characterized by rapid development and obsolescence. Technology takes up a large segment of the market, and thus yields one of the highest returns when it comes to investing. Besides allowing you to be part of something bigger, you’ll also be getting your money’s worth. The following

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