After three years and three printings, supplies of the book that inspired the formation of Blue Jean Nation are exhausted. It's still available for purchase as an e-book on Amazon and can be found in many public libraries, but it is now also being made available for free online in a PDF format. Ideas are meant for sharing, so feel free to pass along this link to anyone you think would be interested in the book that predicts we are the verge of an extensive renovation of the political landscape, describes when it has happened before, and spells out how and where it will happen next and who will do the renovating.

Lately on our blog...  A distillation of the observations in chapter 15 in Blue Jeans in High Places on how far we've strayed from the Founders' idea of the purpose of education and how strange it is that democracy isn't seriously taught in a country that boasts of being the world's greatest democracy. And some thoughts about the taproot of the many problems plaguing Wisconsin and America.

Recently in our "Democracy Checkup" series of radio commentaries... Questions about the state's proposed deal with the Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn. For those who have a hard time resisting the temptation to offer up corporate welfare in hopes of luring businesses and gaining jobs in the process, there are cautionary tales to consider from neighboring Iowa and Illinois as well as the state of Washington. As for Foxconn, Illinois has something to say to Wisconsin about that and it starts with "pretty please."




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