BJN Revival press release

‘Revival’ set for February 20

January 7, 2016

A truly unique event is being held on Saturday, February 20 as Blue Jean Nation will assemble to brainstorm ways to revive democracy and citizen-centered, people-powered politics.

The Blue Jean Nation Revival will be held in Neenah at the Bridgewood Conference Center, located at 1000 Cameron Way, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We’re calling it a revival because there’s so much that needs reviving — from democracy to concern for the common good, from the Wisconsin Idea to the American Dream,” Blue Jean Nation founder and president Mike McCabe said.

This will be no conventional political convention. What’s in store is more like a New England-style town hall meeting — broadly participatory and highly interactive — with a twist inspired by digital-age social media.

The agenda calls for everyone who attends to be given a turn at the microphone to describe — in 140 characters or less, the length of a “tweet” on the popular social media platform Twitter — what needs reviving in our society and how to do it. To be clear, participants will not be sitting around with their smartphones tweeting their thoughts into cyberspace. They will be speaking their truth from the main stage, but doing it very briefly so everyone can have a turn.

“Whether the statements are serious or lighthearted, straightforward or cleverly cryptic, the aim is to provoke thought, stir passions and inspire action,” McCabe said. Blue Jean Nation will be sharing the best statements of the day with online followers, tweeting them out on the Twitter account @bluejean_nation.

There also will be a “wishing wall” where those who attend can write their ideas, suggestions, hopes and dreams throughout the day. And there will be a straw poll on more than two dozen questions, giving all participants yet another way to express themselves.

Another feature of the day’s agenda will be five interactive breakout sessions to choose from. One of the sessions will be a slightly shortened version of the Blue Jean Nation workshop “Shoestring Politics: How to Win Without Being Rich or Mortgaging Your Soul.” Another will address “Tag Team Movement Building.” Other planned breakout topics include “Talking Our Way to Common Ground,” “Solving the Rural Riddle,” and “Running in Jeans.”

To help cover the cost of the meeting hall and other event expenses, there is a $15 registration fee to attend the Revival. Box lunches are available for $10.

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