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Money Matters: Why You Need to Build an Emergency Fund

Financial stability is a goal that many adults hope to achieve after securing a full-time job and learning how to juggle all of their responsibilities. It’s not foolish to want a financially stable lifestyle nowadays, especially considering the ever-increasing prices of commodities in the market. But that’s easier said than done. Achieving financial stability is

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The Future of Coworking Spaces: It’s Here to Stay

The coworking business has been around since the mid-2000s. In recent years, the industry has been growing rapidly, especially since many businesses offered remote work for some of their employees. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, remote work became more relevant and people had the option to work from home or another place of their choice.

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How Net-zero Homes Saves Money in the Long Run

Net-zero energy homes are usually reserved for the rich or staunch environmentalists — or are they? Going net-zero on energy can be more of a financial choice than an environmental one, especially in Utah. With both federal and state incentives, net-zero homes are practically free. Make your home net-zero and save thousands of dollars a

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The Most Prevalent Cybersecurity Issue of Our Time: Phishing

The last two years have significantly shifted the trajectory of business trends as more entrepreneurs move their businesses online. However, the rise of online transactions and the launch of community platforms created a highly lucrative environment for cyber thieves and made way for even more security threats, including phishing. Phishing companies are notorious for stealing business

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Remote Management: What to Avoid for a High-performing Remote Team

Managing a remote team is no easy feat. From hiring your remote team to training and allowing the members to work on their own, many issues can arise. Since you and your team are not physically together, relaying messages on time, communicating when problems occur, and other challenges can stop your team from working productively

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Educational Businesses That Entrepreneurs Can Explore

The main goal of each business owner, entrepreneur, or investor in getting involved in any business is to make a profit. But not all businesses are always about money. Educational businesses go beyond just making a profit but are mostly concerned about making a significant positive impact in the lives of the students and learners

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Modernizing Your Marketing Efforts

The business world has changed rapidly throughout the years. And as technology improves, so does the efficiency of businesses. However, many companies are still stuck with age-old methods that need updating. Especially when it comes to marketing, as society has changed so much that what appeals to the masses then doesn’t necessarily work now. That’s

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Know the Process: How to Claim a Will after Death

Let’s face it. Wherever we are, no matter what we do, life will always continue. When that time comes, you may be faced with the responsibility of settling a departed loved one’s legal affairs. If they have left you with a legitimate will, your jurisdiction would need it to provide evidence to distribute the assets

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