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The Most Prevalent Cybersecurity Issue of Our Time: Phishing

The last two years have significantly shifted the trajectory of business trends as more entrepreneurs move their businesses online. However, the rise of online transactions and the launch of community platforms created a highly lucrative environment for cyber thieves and made way for even more security threats, including phishing. Phishing companies are notorious for stealing business

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Educational Businesses That Entrepreneurs Can Explore

The main goal of each business owner, entrepreneur, or investor in getting involved in any business is to make a profit. But not all businesses are always about money. Educational businesses go beyond just making a profit but are mostly concerned about making a significant positive impact in the lives of the students and learners

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Modernizing Your Marketing Efforts

The business world has changed rapidly throughout the years. And as technology improves, so does the efficiency of businesses. However, many companies are still stuck with age-old methods that need updating. Especially when it comes to marketing, as society has changed so much that what appeals to the masses then doesn’t necessarily work now. That’s

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Know the Process: How to Claim a Will after Death

Let’s face it. Wherever we are, no matter what we do, life will always continue. When that time comes, you may be faced with the responsibility of settling a departed loved one’s legal affairs. If they have left you with a legitimate will, your jurisdiction would need it to provide evidence to distribute the assets

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Legal Advice: How to Handle a Conflict in the Workplace

Being the boss means that you are the person to be held responsible when something happens inside your office. It won’t matter if you are directly involved in the conflict, if you’re knowledgeable about what’s happening but did nothing, or if you’re completely oblivious about the matter at hand. At the end of the day,

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Communication Channel: Social Media for SMEs

The buying power of the people on social media is immense and significant. If you can draw enough of those people to take an interest in even once of your campaign, your sales can increase dramatically. Learning how to attract people and, thus, their buying potential is an essential aspect of utilizing social media correctly. These platforms

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Starting a Business in a Pandemic? Here Are Some Profitable Ideas

The pandemic doesn’t seem like the right time to start a business, but many people do it anyway. Why? The majority of budding entrepreneurs in 2020 attribute it to the need for better financial prospects, and being the boss of your own company does put you in better control of it. There’s also the uncertainty

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Opening a Business in Florida? Fund It in 3 Ways

Florida offers more than a retirement haven and lots of sunshine. It is also one of the friendliest places for companies, particularly for small businesses. Here, only C corporations need to pay state income tax. Meanwhile, limited liability corporations (LLCs) and S corporations operate as pass-through entities as far as taxes are concerned. Besides a

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