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Too few have too much power and privilege, and too much say over what kind of society we have. Too many are politically homeless and feeling doomed as voters to choose the lesser of evils. Concern for the common good has become far too uncommon. The major parties are different in many respects, but both are failing America in their own way. Our broken political system and ailing democracy demand an intervention. That intervening starts here.

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Become a Blue Jean Ambassador Take the lead in your own back yard and start a neighborhood Blue Jean Nation chapter or club. Put the party back in politics with food, drink, music, dancing or games while introducing neighbors to Blue Jean Nation in your home, or organize a fun event at a favorite local gathering place. Knock on doors. Make phone calls. Start by listening. Candidates for office and other political activists spend so much time telling people what they should care about, and comparatively little time asking what they do care about. If you want to change politics, more hearing is a good place to start. Whether you have a few hours a week to spare or a few days a year, there’s so much you can do. Don’t forget, politics is supposed to be about public service. Think up ways to perform service to your community.

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