Blue Jean Way manual

Running in jeans

There is a playbook for running for office the conventional way, with money and lots of it. Candidates using this playbook travel the low road — selling out to wealthy interests, engaging in character assassination of opponents and ultimately corrupting our government. Most candidates who follow this blueprint end up losing. A few “win” but at everyone else’s expense. Our democracy loses and trust in government is lost.

Blue Jean Nation has developed a manual for how to successfully work for change without operating out of the old playbook and getting down in the gutter.  This manual — Running for Office to Make Change the Blue Jean Way — is a map of the high road, focusing on ways to overcome money power with people power.

The Blue Jean Way means campaigning as if you intend to leave our political system in better shape than you found it. The Blue Jean Way is the pursuit of victory that allows our whole society to win, not just the candidate or a party.

If this approach sounds appealing to you, whether you are thinking of running for office yourself or planning to help someone else do it, you can read the how-to guide online as a PDF file and feel free to print the document.