Our Three Aims

Changing how we talk to each other so we can overcome growing divisions on the highly polarized political landscape and hash out our differences, understand each other, and ultimately decide together what kind of society we want. This means discarding old labels, fashioning a new political vocabulary and figuring out how to have conversations in a way that makes it possible to find common ground.

Equipping citizens to be involved in a people-powered democracy so the direction of our country is decided by the many, not the money. It’s supposed to be government by the people, not people buy the government. That’ll happen only if we search for and discover other political currencies that citizens can use to counter the power of money.

Challenging the political establishment to change its ways with the goal of transforming the parties and the political system so those who govern work for all of us instead of taking their cues from a privileged few. This depends on people joining parties instead of fleeing them, and working to change them from the inside out. It depends on people running for office instead of standing on the sidelines. It requires inventing new opportunities for citizen involvement and establishing new gathering places.