People Powered Summit

Blue Jean Nation to host ‘food-for-thought buffet’

February 18, 2019

Those hungry for alternatives to the politics of fear, hate, division and polarization will want to pull on a pair of jeans and head to Waupun on Saturday, March 2 for an event the grassroots group Blue Jean Nation is calling a People Powered Summit.

The gathering will be held in the James C. Laird Museum at 520 McKinley Street in Waupun. The doors open at 9:30 a.m. with the program starting at 10 and scheduled to go until 4. The cost is $20 per person. Those interested in participating can register in advance on Blue Jean Nation’s website.

At the event, a manual on election campaigning will be introduced that provides a blueprint for taking the high road when running for office or helping someone else run.

“We’ve developed a how-to guide for campaigning as if you intend to leave our political system in better shape than you found it,” Blue Jean Nation founder and president Mike McCabe said. “This manual offers an alternative to the dismal political playbook most everyone’s been using that makes candidates travel the low road and leads to the kind of corruption that destroys both trust in government and faith in democracy.”

The summit’s agenda also will feature an idea fair and an opportunity to experience Blue Jean Nation’s “Bridging the Divide” workshop.

Another highlight of the event is featured speaker Carl Fields, program manager at the Hospitality Center in Racine. Fields also is an organizer for EXPO (EX-Incarcerated People Organizing) and Congregations United to Serve Humanity. In addition, Fields is chairman of the Racine Interfaith Coalition’s Restoring Our Communities (ROC) task force. ROC is WISDOM’s statewide campaign to decrease Wisconsin’s prison population.

“Think of this summit as a food-for-thought buffet,” McCabe said. “We’ll be putting our heads together about how to bridge the widening divides in our society and steer tough conversations and relationships toward understanding and common ground. We’ll be highlighting efforts to organize locally to bring about people powered democracy. We’ll be brainstorming about ways to creatively overcome the power of money in politics.”