The surest proof of corruption

Wisconsin government has been corrupted.

There are countless symptoms of the disease showing themselves. One sweetheart deal for a big campaign donor after another.

Both the bribed officials and those doing the bribing lamely insist the clear appearance of corruption is all just a series of coincidences that create false impressions. They essentially say what petty criminals say when accused of lawbreaking: “Prove it.”

Then the lawmakers turn around and repeatedly do the one thing that provides obvious and unimpeachable proof. They seek to keep the public in the dark.

They try to get rid of the Government Accountability Board, or at least get its director fired. They write up legislation to kill the state audit bureau. And on the eve of the day when we celebrate the birth of American democracy, they tuck a scheme to cripple Wisconsin’s open records law into an already overdue state budget bill.

The only reason to fear audits and public inspection of records and other scrutiny is if there’s something to hide.

They must have a great deal to hide if they are so willing to take the public relations hit and resulting black eye that comes with regularly seeking to subvert transparency and accountability in how the public’s business is done.

This is the clearest evidence. This is how we know for sure that Wisconsin government has been corrupted.