What message would Jesus approve?

Some years ago a “stand by your ad” law was established requiring candidates for federal office to identify themselves by name in their campaign advertisements and declare “I approve this message.”

This law is not the only reason most of today’s politicians are so tolerant of the vast array of front groups and dark money operations that dot the American political landscape, but it is a significant reason. Considering the content of the average political ad, it’s no wonder politicians are reluctant to stand by their ads and prefer that surrogates spew the bile.

Most all of these politicians and their surrogates profess to be church-going, God-fearing people. Nearly all claim to have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior.

So what kind of message would Jesus approve in this day and age? Would it not be something along these lines?

“If you want to know my opponents’ failings, you will have to discover them for yourselves. You will not hear of it from me. I will not tear them down to build myself up. If you wonder whether their attacks on me are true or false, you will have to determine that for yourselves. Believe them if you wish. I have nothing to offer in my defense. I have neither the time nor any justification to condemn those who speak against me. The well being of the weakest and most vulnerable among us will be my first concern and top priority. The last will be put first. Blessed are those you call slackers and moochers and deadbeats. I will be their servant. I will stake their claim to a rightful share of our nation’s bounty. I am not worthy to represent you, but only say the word and I will do my best to lead our society toward the way of love, forgiveness and charity. I am Jesus of Nazareth and I approve this message.”

In this land that so many insist is a Christian nation, would this message win the approval of a majority of voters?

Not a chance.

That says a lot about our politics, our morals, our practice of religion and the condition of America’s soul.